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About PawPeds

The domain name pawpeds.com was registered by Ulrika Olsson in 2000, for future use as a site for information about the history of the pedigree cats, and to educate cat breeders about the need for genetic variation and what the situation is in their breed. In order to do this, we are publishing databases with pedigree information for different breeds, with functions for calculations of the inbreeding coefficient and pedigree analyses. We also publish articles related to these topics. Along the way, we will probably add articles about other health issues and breeding issues as well, for the education of breeders.


Although the databases are published by us, they are maintained by different people who are specialising in a particular breed (or breeds). Initially it worked so that the database maintainer had his/her own database locally, in which information were entered. Every now and then a textfile was generated from this database, and this was then sent to us. We entered the new, updated file into the database that was shown online, and then you all could see it. Some database maintainers still work according to this system, while others are working in our new system: They have an account on our server, where they enter info in a database that is kept there. This allows for more than one person to enter data at the same time.

About the program

For the online databases we use a program which generates html directly from a simple database. The program was first written by Kjell Högström, and it is now mainly maintained by Peter Olsson. This program is still under development and it might be changed frequently to test new ideas and correct problems (and sometimes end up introducing new problems :-)). Please send comments and bug reports to Peter.

We are now in the process of making some of our new visions for PawPeds come true! To achieve this, we were in need of more people than our "old" programming team of two. See below to meet the people involved in this new project!

About the people

Ulrika Olsson

Ulrika Olsson - The Spider

Ulrika is the spider in the middle of the net in the PawPeds project. She is also taking care of the genetic issues in the project, developing suitable pedigree analyses for the different breeds and generally working with the education and information about genetic health. Ulrika first started the online Maine Coon database, thanks to Kjell Högström and his programing, in May 1997. Ulrika is breeding Maine Coons and Turkish Vans with the cattery name Ylletrollets. She is living in Sweden with her husband Peter, their daughter Vendela, their son Eskil, and the cats - Maine Coons and Turkish Vans.

Misha Peersmans

Misha Peersmans - Co-Spider and the Maine Coon database

Misha joined the team of Maine Coon database maintainers in August 2004, and very soon she was also deeply involved in developing the entire PawPeds project further. She is living in Belgium, with her dogs and cats. Misha is breeding Maine Coons, since 1991, under the cattery name The Dorsai.

Åsa Ohlsson

Åsa Ohlsson - Co-Spider, health programmes and the Maine Coon database

Åsa was lured into the web of the Spider in 2006 by maintaining the Maine Coon database. However, she soon got deeply involved in maintaining and co-ordinating the health programmes, partly due to her academic background and previous work in veterinary clinic. Åsa lives in Sweden with her two kids. She run a small Maine Coon cattery under the name Maine Orchid.

Diana Verhaegen

Diana Verhaegen - The Maine Coon Ancestors Gallery

Since 2001 Maine Coon breeder. I live in a very small village Schelluinen in The Netherlands. Together with my husband Paul I raise two adorable daughters, Miranda and Jacky and... of course our sweet Maine Coons. I started breeding domestic shorthairs in 1997, but I soon wanted to breed more responsibly. During our search for which breed we than want to breed, we fell for the Maine Coon. Health, pedigrees and other breeding aspects are very much a part of my life. So PawPeds is the one thing I can't live without anymore. I breed under the cattery name The Haecoon.

Health Programme Workers

Jessica Åsbrink

Jessica Åsbrink - HD Registrar

To be written...

Emma Enfjäll

Emma Enfjäll - HD Registrar

To be written...

Janet Ericsson

Janet Ericsson - HCM registrar

To be written...

Sabine Piquard

Sabine Piquard - HCM registrar

To be written...

Yvonne Karlsson

Yvonne Karlsson - Registrar, HCM DNA test for Ragdolls

Yvonne started working with the Ragdoll database in 2002, and she is also the registrar of results from the Ragdoll HCM DNA test. She and her family and cats live in Deje, Sweden. They have a small breeding of Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest Cat under the cattery name My Friend.

Database Maintainers

Hana Lepkova

Hana Müllerová - The Siberian database

Hana started working with the Siberian Cats database in November 2010. She is living in the Czech Republic and she breeds Siberian cats. She have two catteries - Neva Brilliance, CZ (for Neva Masquerade) and Sibi Brilliance, CZ (for classic siberian cats).

Jaana Jyrkinen

Jaana Jyrkinen - The European Shorthair database

I have collected pedigrees already before I started breeding European Shorthairs in 1997. My cattery name is FIN*Castlemoor's. At the end of the year 2004 I asked Ulrika about starting a European database in Pawpeds. After some months' work we finally decided to publish it in September 2005. I'll continue my work as a maintainer of the database.

Eva Gunnarsson

Eva Gunnarsson - The Siberian Cat database

I have been breeding Siberian Cats since 2001 under the cattery name of S*Nikopeja's. I am one of the founders of the Siberian Cat association in Sweden and have been building up a database for its members. During the fall of 2003 I visited Krasnoyarsk in Siberia and had the oppurtunity to meet "real" Siberians :-)

Brigitte Schoemaker

Brigitte Schoemaker - The Ferret Database

I live in Heerlen in the south of the Netherlands. I joined the Pawpeds project in September 2005. I have 2 cats, 1 Maine Coon and 1 European shorthair. I have also 2 dogs, 1 Dalmation and 1 mixed breed from a Whippet and German Sheppard. I maintain the ferret database at pawpeds.

Tony Batchelor

Tony Batchelor - The German Rex database

I first met Rex cats in 2000 when I came away from a show with a Cornish kitten from a friend! At that show my wife and myself joined the Danish Rex & Sphynx Klubben, and in 2001 I made a website for the club and became the webmaster. Putting together the information for the website we became fascinated in all the breeds, so quickly made part of our family first a Sphynx, and then a Devon. Now at last I am able to get a German Rex. Our cattery name is DK Snugglebugs and we moved from England to Denmark 10 years ago. Ilona Jaenicke is helping with information for this database.

Corine Lundqvist

Corine Lundqvist - The Azawakh, Sloughi, Galgo Español, and Pixie-Bob databases

Corine is a high technician in agriculture and is breeding Azawakhs sighthounds (and collecting all kind of informations about this breed) since 1988 with the kennel name Garde-Epée, Maine Coon cats since 1997 and recently also Pixie-Bob cats under the cattery name Jarnac. She is living in France with her daughter Solène, the dogs, cats and ferrets (Solène's hobby breeding).

Anna Peltovuori

Anna Peltovuori - The Bengal database

I have had Bengal since 2001, so I am quite new to this. However, I think Pawpeds is a very important tool to use, so I will be doing my part contributing to the Bengal breeding community. I have just started (first litter born in June 2003) breeding Bengals under the prefix S*Merope's.

Marie Jensen

Marie Jensen - The Devon Rex database

My interest for pedigrees of Devon Rexes started in 1995 and since then I have collected and sorted peds out. The Devon Rex is a really young breed, founded in 1960, and due to important health issues regarding the breed, the database kept by Ulrika and Peter have made it possible to view peds in a total different way. To be able to calculate inbreeding coefficient and make future testmatings is absolutely a wonderful power tool for us. I breed Devon Rexes under the prefix Q-T-Curls.

Yvonne Karlsson

Yvonne Karlsson - The Ragdoll database

Yvonne started working with the Ragdoll database in 2002. She and her family and cats live in Deje, Sweden. They have a small breeding of Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest Cat under the cattery name My Friend. Yvonne is also the maintainer of the Ragdoll Ancestors site, the photo gallery connected to the Ragdoll database.

Lina Lindström

Lina Lindström - The Sphynx database

I have been owned by cats since childhood and got my first pedigree cat 1990. My cattery name S*Azoo was registered in 2002 and my breeding is focusing on Sphynx, Peterbald and Oriental Shorthairs. I'm very interested in health and genetics and love breeding and showing. Beside the cats I also have Toy Poodles, Chickens and Guinea Pigs for show, breed and pleasure! I'm a professional dog groomer and have my own business in Helsingborg, Sweden close to were I live. So it's no lie to say animals make my day. :-)

Susan & Shorn Hartwell

Susan & Shorn Hartwell - The Bichon Frise database

My husband Shorn and I have been breeding Bichon Frise dogs since 2001 under the prefix name Sonshanley, which was made up from our three sons' names Mason, Shannon and Riley. My Husband and I along with our three sons are located in Queensland Australia. I have always been very interested in pedigrees, and I feel that it is important to have a database available, especially for breeding purposes. We also breed the Siberian cats under the same prefix name Sonshanley.

Nathalie Bent

Nathalie Bent - The Pixie-Bob database

Hi! I'm a web conceptor/designer and have a small cattery dedicated to the pixie-bob. I've been working from the very beginning with the breed founder, Carol Ann Brewer on the build of a pedigree database on www.pixie-bob.info ... Which is a must when you want to breed for the very best!

Serina Filler

Serina Filler - The Selkirk Rex database

Serina is maintaining the Selkirk Rex database. She is a real "cat-person", spending most of her time with her cats, also cares for strays and doing some university research on the topic. She is breeding Selkirks with the kennel Pointilistic and looking forward to her vet degree.

Berit Rosenfeldt

Berit Rosenfeldt - The Cairn Terrier database

Breeding and showing Cairn Terriers in Denmark under the prefix Lachleen. I have been interested in pedigrees before I even started my own breeding program. With the coming of computer programs it became a big hobby of mine to collect and store data. The result is the Cairn Terrier Database now available through PawPeds. The visitor counter on the page proves it is a very popular service. Updates are now mainly done by my dear friend Kevin Durkin from California, with me taking care of only the Scandinavian input now.

Kevin Durkin

Kevin Durkin - The Cairn Terrier database

I owned my first Cairn Terrier when I was fourteen years old. Ever since then I have had a deep love and affection for the breed. Several years ago I became fascinated with pedigrees and genetics and their impact on breeding healthy dogs. I was fortunate enough to meet Berit Rosenfeldt who was creating an international Cairn Terrier pedigree database. She brought me on board and for the last couple of years, she and I have been working together. I exhibit and breed under the kennel name of Greatscot.

Tuija Aaltonen

Tuija Aaltonen - The Manx & Cymric database

I have started my cat hobby at FIFé but have changed under CFA where I have my cattery name TA. I have had Birman studs since 1993 and got my first Cymric (longhair Manx) 2004. My first Cymric litter was born 2012. I have been the maintainer of MAN and CYM database since its beginning 2005 with Ina Koli. To Birman database I have updated mostly Finnish Birmans and their blood group information.

Ina Koli

Ina Koli - The Manx & Cymric database

I'm from Finland and always had cats/dogs. I started breeding Manx, both SH (Manx) and LH (Cymric) in 1996 under catteryname D'manns. Started in FIFé and also changed to CFA later on. I've been heavily involved with the breed world-wide and I'm also a pedigree and health info freak :) I believe in co-operation in the breed and I'm always happy f.e. to mentor newcomers or whatever I can do to help the breed, meaning the cats and people. I started updating our breed's database since it's beginning with Tuija, at 2005.

Kirsten Huinink

Kirsten Huinink - The Russian Blue and Nebelung database

I started breeding Nebelung under the Cattery name Sereb Haze in 2002. Although the Nebelung is a separate breed we are allowed to mix in Russian Blue cats. That's why this database contains both breeds. However both breeds interest me as phenotypically, according to the Nebelung standard, the Nebelung has the same looks as the Russian Blue with one exception hairlength, which is semi-longhaired. The Nebelung is recognized by the TICA, TCA, WCF and the independent cat societies who recognize the Nebelung as a semi-longhaired Russian Blue.

For all those breeders involved in this database for years breeding blue, black, or white Russian Blues, I hope some of the cats bring back fond memories, for those newer breeders, we hope this helps research the background and history of your cats.

Elisabeth Thors

Elisabeth Thors - The Bombay database

Elisabeth started to publish the database for Bombays February 2006. She is living in Umeå, a University town in the north part of Sweden, with her fiance Micke and their bengal and bombaycats. They are breeding Bombay cats under the cattery name af Thors.

Heidi Lappalainen

Heidi Lappalainen - The Saluki database.

I got my first Saluki in the end of 2000 and in 2001 I started to study the pedigrees. Living on finnish countryside I bred my first litter in spring 2008 under the prefix Non Serviam.

The interest for pedigrees I have always had. When I was a little girl I thought it was very exciting sitting and study our dogs' pedigrees and compare and look for relatives etc. When I got older and Internet became a little more easily accessible I could sit and look after relatives to our dogs and search for pedigrees a few generations back. 2001 I bought my first Norwegian Forest Cat, which became the start of my breeding, S*Sjöliden's. With this, the interest for pedigrees, line chasing, genetics and everything else around got even bigger, and it's just growing. After getting to know the dog breed Griffon, I have decided that I want such a dog, but still I wait for the "right one" to be born. Except for the interest for animals, I have a big interest in computers (software), and especially web design. And it is in Informatics I have my education and hopefully what I'm going to work with after I've been on maternity leave.

Marcia Owen

Marcia Owen - The Singapura and the Birman databases

Marcia has been breeding Singapuras since the 1990's under the Goldlay prefix and has always maintained a breed database. She felt that it would be of use to breeders worldwide when exchanging lines, so approached Ulrika with a view to hosting the database on Pawpeds. She is hoping that other breeders will help to expand this database over time. Marcia lives in the UK with her Singapuras, Birmans and Burmese.

Linda van Duijn

Linda van Duijn - The American Curl database

My name is Linda van Duijn, and I live in Velsen Noord (NL), about 27 km of Amsterdam. Breeding American Curl and Devon Rex under the catteryname 'Morning Star', registrerd on october 5 2005. The American Curl is a very young breed, founded in 1981 in Lakewood, California. Curls were first accepted for CFA registration in 1986 and achieved Provisional status in 1991 followed by their advancement to the Championship Class in February 1993, setting a precedent in CFA by being the first breed to be admitted to the Championship Class as one breed with two coat lengths. I think it's very important to know the background of any breeding cat, which explains my interests in pedigrees and my involvement in the PawPeds project of course. ;) Besides my cats, I also have 6 ferrets.

Donatella Mastrangelo

Donatella Mastrangelo - The Korat database

I live in Roma, Italy and breed Korats since 1994. I've been collecting korat pedigrees since the beginning and always found this activity interesting and definitely important. When the Korat breed had to face the terrible GM Gangliosidosis problem some years ago, the study of pedigrees have been of fundamental importance to both breeders and scientists involved in the DNA test research. My cattery name is FIFe registered and is called "JADEYE". I'm also a FIFe judge for cat. III (shorthairs) and cat. IV (Siamese/Orientals). At present, I'm the appointed FIFe Korat Breed Council Secretary. Last important thing: I want to express my immense gratitude to all Korat breeders that helped me building this database during the years. Some gave me really huge collections of data and papers! This great online PawPeds publication has been possible also thanks to their help. Thanks a lot!

Anneli Rosenberg

Anneli Rosenberg - The Norwegian Lundehund database

I have been interested in pedigrees as long as I have had dogs and since 1998 I show and breed the Lundehund under the prefix name Eriksro (www.eriksro.com). To breed the Lundehund the most important thing is to see how close related they are and the PawPeds is a very important tool when checking future combinations and the Lundehund database is well known among Lundehund breeders. Other hobbies I have is to design websites and be in the nature with the dogs and my camera.

Monica Molinder

Monica Molinder - The Persian

My name is Monica Molinder and I am breeding Balinese and Oriental Longhair under the cattery name S*Jijumas. I have always had cats and my first Siamese I got in the beginning of the 90s. I love their personality and temperament. We got our cattery name in 2002. We live in the middle of Sweden in Timrå. We is my self and my kids, Julia, Jimmie and Tintin. In the summer 2006 I joined the database with SIA/OSH/OLH/BAL/SYS/SYL and Foreign White. A bit later I also started working with the Persian database.

Stefanie Könemann

Stefanie Könemann - The Maine Coon database, orphan research

In Spring 1996 the Forestsprite Maine Coons entered my life on not so silent paws. I had no idea then, that 3 forest sprites should change my life fundamentally. Especially Charly - our goldbear who died with not even 10 years. Very early he created my desire to learn as much as possible about him and his family and ancestors.

Triggered by the "advanced training programs in health issues", prescribed to me by our 3 forest sprites, soon the subject family research arose to unexpected dimensions: I decided to make our experiences availabe for other cat enthusiasts - if nothing else, because I found out that all too often bad and painful information is kept secret. Thus started my linechasing interest.

Monika Wernli

Monika Wernli - The Tonkinese database

My name is Monika Wernli, and though I've always had cats, Tonkinese entered my life in 2002. I completely fell in love with the sweet personality of these cats and decided to breed them. My prefix Nashira's is registered with FIFé, and I live with my cats in the Northern part of Switzerland. I'm also a member of the Interessengemeinschaft Tonkanesen & Tibeter.

As the Tonkinese is still a rare breed, inbreeding can be a problem. I started collecting pedigrees in order to find out which lines are related to each other and to chase the different lines to their parent breeds, Siamese and Burmese. I am grateful to all the people who have already kindly submitted the pedigrees of their cats and also to Ulrika and Peter for agreeing to host the database on PawPeds in Spring 2007. My long-term aim is to get the Tonkinese breed recognized in FIFé.

Susan Bamford

Susan Bamford - The Sloughi database

Susan (also known as Suze) is now retired but still works occasionally as a translator from French to English. She currently lives in the UK with her 4 Sloughis and 1 Lurcher. Her interest started in Sloughis back in the early 1990s and was first materialised in 2001 with her first Sloughia from French breeders Raïs Siyada followed by a female from Cité du Guerrier, a male from Al Mahdi and finally another female from Morocco. Her kennel-name/affix is Doocloone (taken over from her mother) and she runs 2 web-sites - Sloughi-Europe and Doocloone Sloughis.

Carine Delbaere

Carine Delbaere - The Mérens and Castillonais databases

Carine lives in France and has a 5 years level in agriculture. Since childhood, she shares her time between horses and cats. From 2000 to 2005, she works at the national Mérens horse association, in the Pyrénées. There, she discovers the Mérens horse, his versatility and wonderful mind. She also began a small Maine Coon cattery called Le Cap Coon in 2004. And in 2006, she launches out in the great adventure of Pawpeds database for Mérens horses, to help sort out the inbreeding the Mérens deals with, for being an endangered breed in 1970. In 2008 she also started working with a database for Castillonnais horses on PawPeds.

Jill Back

Jill Back - The Siamese & Oriental and Birman databases

I have been breeding Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs since 1984 under the cattery name "La Bell". In the beginning of the 90's I also bred Balinese and Oriental Longhair. I bred the very first oriental longhair in Sweden, GIC La Bell Lancelot (OLH b) and he was born 1990. Today I only breed Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs, however we also have Sacred Birmans as my man is a Birman breeder!

Marianne van Dommelen

Marianne van Dommelen - The Welsh Springer Spaniel database

In 1982 I started with Welsh Springers Spaniels and  breeded my first litter "van de Lingespringer" in 2000. "The Linge" is a small river in the Netherlands, where my husband and I live with our Welshies. From 1993 a database of Welsh Springer Spaniels was developed, which contains at the moment more than 7500 Welshies including all Welsh Springers born in the Netherlands. Through publishing this database on Pawpeds I hope to deliver a small contribution to the health of the breed, making it easy  for breeders to get information on inbreeding coefficients.

Anna-Lena Eriksson

Anna-Lena Eriksson - The Snowshoe Cat Database

I live in Nacka, just outside of Stockholm, Sweden, with my lovely Snowshoe cats. My cattery name is Snowtoddler. I have always been interested in pedigrees but my interest really took off when I searched for my own Snowshoes. This breed is still rare and needs careful planing and lots of time studying and comparing pedigrees. I hope, by doing what I enjoy here on Pawpeds, to make breeding plans easier for a lot of breeders. Cats, breeding planes, Snowshoes and pedigrees take most of my day, but in my "spare time" I also work as a special pedagogue, teaching children with special-needs and coaching their teachers.

Terry Goulden

Terry Goulden - The Australian Mist database

I have bred Australian Mist cats since 1994, have dabbled with Burmillas and am now adding Pixiebobs to my cattery. In all that time I have maintained a database of the Australian Mist breed for the use of our breeders. I am now retired but have worked as a NGO administrator in the field of Mental Health and as a Social Worker and Counsellor covering Sexual Health and AIDS and played a leading part in setting up a number of community response organisations on AIDS in NSW, Australia.

Aiste Kesminaite-Jankauskiene

Aiste Kesminaite-Jankauskiene - The Kurilean Bobtail database

I love animals -- horses and cats in particular. The cats have arrived into my life 5 years ago on the paws of my lovely Taisija Karmino Cat. At the moment I live with 10 kurilian bobtails and my husband :) Also own a wonderful horse named Lucky. I am a coowner of the Kurilian Bobtail cattery Woden.

Renate Zuber

Renate Zuber Morgenthaler - The Barbet database

I live in Biezwil, a small village in Switzerland. I got my first Barbet in 1995 and since then I started collecting pedigrees. In 1997, I am one of the founders of the Barbet Club Switzerland and president of the breeding commission since 1999. My husband and I breed the french Barbet since 1998 under the kennel name vom Zulimo. I am very pleased to be able to join the PawPeds project as I am convinced that this database will be very helpfull for the Barbet breeders around the world.

Iris Bonink-Lammers

Iris Bonink-Lammers - The Shetland Sheepdog database

I am Iris and I live with my husband, six cats and (so far) two Shelties on the outer rim of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). I had been breeding Ragdoll cats for over ten years and I always used the Pawpeds database to select potential breeding pairs. So of course when we got our Sheltiegirl in 2011, I turned to my trusted tool for finding a suitable mate for her, only to discover there was not yet a Sheltie database in Pawpeds. I decided the fastest way for a starting breeder to get to know the Sheltie lines was to start a pedigree database, and so I have. We hope to breed our first litter at the end of 2013 under the kennelname Rainbow Glory. I hope this database serves a purpose I have not found in other Sheltie pedigree databases, especially the testmating-feature. Please send me your pedigrees and pictures, but also please let me know if you find mistakes or omissions in the pedigrees. I would welcome additional people to help fill the database.

The Programming Team

Peter Olsson

Peter Olsson - The Computer Slave

Peter is responsible for the technical stuff, programming according to the "orders" of The Spider. He also does most of the layout work. Peter is breeding Maine Coons with the cattery name Ylletrollets. He is living in Sweden with his wife Ulrika, their daughter Vendela, their son Eskil, and the cats - Maine Coons and Turkish Vans.

Kjell Högström

Kjell Högström - The Reluctant Programmer

Kjell is also working with the programming of the databases. He made the first versions of NetPedigree, but when he was toooo slow, Peter took it over. ;-) Still Kjell is working on yet another version of NetPedigree, and he is consulted every now and then about the tricky technicalities. Kjell lives in Sweden with his pet Maine Coons.